Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Your online transactions are safe! No Heartbleed Bug here.

Rooster T. Feathers and the Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug has had a lot of people scrambling to check the safety and security of their online activities. 

Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club wants to assure you that if you have purchased tickets online with us, your information is safe. 

We use for our online ticketing service. LaughStub does not use Linux servers or OpenSSL certs, and so is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug.  Customers do not create accounts with us, and we do not store any passwords.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Thank you.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pro Tip: Navigating the Roosters Voice Mail System

Yes, yes, we know...our outgoing voice-mail message on the Roosters information and reservation phone line can seem kind of long, but there's solid info in there, especially for people not familiar with Rooster T. Feathers.

As you know, Rooster T. Feathers is a small, family-owned business. We keep our admission and drink prices low the old-fashioned keeping costs low! We do not have a "box office" or a full-time person manning the phone lines. That means we rely on a voice mail system to accept reservations for our shows each week. You call us at 408.736.0921, press 0 for Information and Reservations, listen to our outgoing voice message, then leave all your relevant reservation information on our secure voice mail after the beep. When we get to the office, we retrieve the reservation messages, call back anyone that we have a question for, and anyone that requested a call back, and log the reservation.

Easy, squeezy. The only "problem" with this approach is we find that we have to include a lot of info in our outgoing voice message: to help people know what shows we have this week, show times and prices, key info about making reservations, and what info we actually need for your reservation. We think we're being helpful, but some of you--especially if you know exactly what to do--seem to get frustrated!

Well, take heart. There is a way to get straight to the beep and avoid all that stuff you've heard lots of times before.

If you are a regular and know exactly what information we need when you leave a reservation, here's a time-saving tip for you. When you call our information and reservation line at 408.736.0921 Option 0, always listen to the very beginning of the outgoing message. That's where we'll say which shows might be sold out. Once you know the show you want to see is not sold out, you can hit the "#" key to go straight to leaving a message. That way you can avoid the rest of the message that you've heard lots and lots of times before.

In summary, when leaving a reservation on Roosters voice mail system:
1. If you're new to Rooster T. Feathers, please listen to the outgoing message in its entirety, to avoid confusion or questions further along in the process.
2. If you are a regular customer, ALWAYS listen to at least the first few sentences of the outgoing message. This is when we'll let you know if any upcoming shows are sold out, or any other crucial info you'll need to know.
3. Once you got all the info you need and are ready to start leaving your reservation information, just press the "#" key, listen for the beep (it should come right away), then start talking.
4. After leaving all your reservation information, just hang're done!

For more information about making reservations at Roosters, including how to get pre-assigned, priority seating, please click here to read more about on our site.

Give it a try when you make your reservation for this week's shows!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Veterans Day! Free entry for military personnel & veterans 11/7--11/10

"Without heroes, we are all plain people, and don't know how far we can go."-Bernard Malamud

On Monday, November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day to honor the men and women who have served our country. Like many Americans, we at Roosters have current and former military personnel in our immediate and extended families, and count lots of veterans among our friends. We are proud to support our active duty troops and those who have gone before them.

But, we're a comedy club, so we don't want to get too heavy, right? That's why we open our doors this week to all military personnel and veterans and invite them to get their laugh on!

Roosters is offering free admission to any Matt Kirshen show, Thursday November 7 through Sunday November 10 for all active duty, retired, or reserved military personnel, plus veterans of all branches and dependent spouses. Just call us for a reservation at 408.736.0921, and at the door show us your valid military ID, VA card, dog tags or other identifying item.

London born Matt Kirshen's precision wit has earned him an impressive reputation on the international comedy circuit. Most recently his appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Paul Provenza’s Green Room, and as a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing has earned him a whole new host of fans in the United States and a surprising number of other countries worldwide.

His youthful looks disguise a veteran comic with almost a decade of experience, and a wealth of smart, funny and relate-able material. While it's his prime-time NBC appearances that most American comedy fans will recognize him from, they are often surprised at the breadth and scope of his material, described by one reviewer as "intelligent, but with the emphasis firmly on the funny."

Appearing along with Matt is featured performer Jason Resler, himself a well-decorated veteran of the U.S. Navy. If you ask him, "Seaman Resler" will tell you lots of great tales from his time in service!

Reservations are strongly encouraged, seating will be general admission, and as always our two-item minimum purchase per person applies. Also, we're 21 and over only, and we will need to see your "regular" ID if you look young. Sorry, no discounts through the online ticketing service; You'll have to call the club at 408.736.0921 to reserve your spot.